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cpu Question Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology (DTT) Version 9.0.11200.30652

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Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology (DTT) Version 9.0.11200.30652 a été créé par admin

Posted il y a 1 an 6 mois #423
Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology (DTT) Version 9.0.11200.30652 


Information sur le DTT
Guide de l’utilisateur de Intel® Dynamic Tuning Technology...   (FR)
Intel® Dynamic Tuning Technology (Intel® DTT) User Guide   (ENG)

Serie 500 Rocket Lake ((Intel 11e Gen)
Serie 600 Alder Lake (Intel 12e Gen)
Serie 700 Raptor Lake (Intel 13e Gen)

Intel(R) Dynamic Tuning Technology Device Extension Component
Intel(R) Innovation Platform Framework Manager
Intel(R) Innovation Platform Framework Generic Participant
Intel(R) Innovation Platform Framework Processor Participant
Intel(R) Context Sensing Technology Service
Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology (DTT) Version 9.0.11200.30652 (station-drivers.com)

Asus Z790 Pro Art, Intel Cpu I7 14700K, Memoires 32Go Corsair DDR5 (6000Mhz CL30), Water-cooling Thermaright, nVidia Geforce RTX3060,  Alimentation Asus ROG 850W, Samsung SSD 990 Pro, SSD980 Pro, Clavier Roccat Vulkan , Souris Asus, Boitier NZXT H6, HP Creative SB Kratos Free Fibre 10Gb Cable CAT8/7, Switch 10/5/2.5Gbps, Casque Philips Fedelis.

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