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cpu Question Intel Management Engine Interface Driver

Intel Management Engine Interface Driver a été créé par TurboTacho

Posted il y a 1 an 9 mois #94
Intel MEI Driver - 2233.3.26.0 (rev 0) - (.7z)

This is a custom-repackaged driver repository. Consists of the following drivers:
  • DAL 1.41.2021.121
  • HECI 2229.3.2.0
  • ICLS
  • LMS 2227.3.3.2
  • MESRL 2221.0.47.0
  • MEWMIP 2233.3.2.0
  • SOLLMSExt 2221.0.47.0
  • WiMan 2232.71.59.0
  • WiMan Ext 2232.71.59.0
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