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Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST-VMD) Version WHQL


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New Pack Update 19/05/24

11/29/2023, (HSA) 

11/29/2023, (HSA ext) 

11/29/2023, (VMD) 

Pack Version: (13/03/24) New

Official: Yes/No

WHQL: 21/12/23 New

HSA Console Version: 20.0.1011.0

For: Windows 10 / 11

System: 64bits (X64)


- Intel(R) 14th Generation platform

 MTL-H New
- Intel(R) 13th Generation platform
   - Z790
- Intel(R) 12th Generation platform
   Intel(R) 600 Series Chipset Family:
   - B660
   - H610
   - H670
   - Z690
- Intel(R) 11th Generation platform
   Mobile Low Power (LP)
   - Premium UP3
   - Premium UP4
   Mobile Halo
   Intel(R) 500 Series Chipset Family:
   - HM570
   - QM580
   - WM590

Code IDs:

Intel RST VMD Controller 9A0B'

Intel RST VMD Managed Controller 09AB'

Intel RST VMD Controller 467F'

Intel RST VMD Controller A77F'

Intel RST VMD Controller 7D0B New

Release note : 

- 20.0.1038.5






- -RAID1/RAID 0) is lost if system resumed from S4 with SATA RAID OS drive and Thunderbolt HDD connected Updated driver to fix SSD FW tool cannot detect storage device on Raid mode issue.



Link official: Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Driver Installation Software with Intel® Optane™ Memory (11th up to 13th Gen Platforms)


Submitted By:
Fdrsoft (admin)
Submitted On:
23 May 2024
File Size:
File Version: WHQL
File Author:
Fdrsoft & Pacman
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