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  • Format: ATX
  • Chipset: Intel Z790 13e génération
  • Nom de code: Raptor Lake
  • Socket: 1700
  • Memoires: DDR5
  • Cpus: Intel Core I3/5/7/9 (12e & 13e Gen)
  • Audio (1): Realtek HDA ALC4080
  • Sata (1): Intel Z790 Sata III
  • Graphique: Intel Xe UHD Graphics
  • USB 3.x (1): Intel Z790 USB 3.1
  • Reseau (1): Intel I226-V (2.5Gb)
  • Reseau (2): 
  • Thunderbolt: 
  • Wireless: Intel AX210 Wifi AX
  • Bluetooth: Intel AX210 Wifi AX
  • Lien Constructeur: https://www.msi.com/











Version Descriptif date DL
HC2 beta

- Replaced MSI's own tweaked system power settings with added Intel Default Settings, and users can still optimize system performance with alternatives from MSI.

HC1 beta

Replaced MSI's own tweaked system power settings with added Intel Default Settings, and users can still optimize system performance with alternatives from MSI.


- Update Code Base. - Improve system stability when switching to CSM mode. - CPU uCode version 0x123 was updated for CPU performance optimization by disabling the CEP function for the 14th Gen CPU (stepping B0). - Added Intel 12th/13th Core processors to support Intel Application Optimization (APO) - ME Firmware ver: ME_16.1.30.2361 (download) - ME Firmware update SOP


- Update microcode. - Improve memory compatibility. - ME Firmware ver: ME_16.1.30.2330 (download) - ME Firmware update SOP


- Updated CPU uCode. - Updated Secure Boot mechanism. - Updated OC Auto rules. - P-core Beyond 6GHz+ feature optimized with i9 CPU. - Intel APO function optimized. - ME Firmware ver: ME_16.1.30.2264 (download) - ME Firmware update SOP


- Updated CPU uCode to fix "UNSUPPORTED PROCESSOR" issue caused unexpected BSOD. - Support next-gen CPU.


- Improved memory OC rule and compatibility. - Support next-gen CPU.


- Support MSI Driver Utility Installer. - Improved SATA devices compatibility. - Improved Memory Try It! setting for DDR5 memory and relevant auto rules.


- Improve memory compatibility. - Support new model (MPG Z790 EDGE WIFI)


- Update CPU Microcode. - Update M-Flash hotkey rule. - Modify Secure Boot setting. - Improve memory compatibility. - Lock BCLK 102.5 feature new added - Microcode Selection feature improved


- Update CPU Micro code. - Update Mflash hotkey rule. - Modify secure boot setting. - Improve memory compatibility.


- Support exFAT file system. - Update CPU Micro code. - Improve memory compatibility.


- Update CPU Micro code. - Enhanced memory compatibility.

H1.1 - Enhanced memory compatibility 09/11/22

Information ! Some drivers required the activation of the option in the setup of your motherboard (GNA, DTT, Serial IO, ...)
Intel Chipset Device Software Drivers For Chipsets Serie 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen (?) 11/06/24
NC Version 10.1.19768.8554 Version 10.1.19768.8554 Version 10.1.19768.8554

Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Drivers For Chipsets Series 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen 17/07/24
Download Download Download
Version Version 2423.6.23.0 Version 2423.6.23.0 Version 2423.6.23.0

Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST)  Drivers For Chipset Serie 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen 28/06/24
Download Download Download
NC Version Version Version

Intel Serial IO Drivers For chipsets Series 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen 04/04/24
NC NC Version 30.100.2351.81 Version 30.100.2351.81

Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology (DTT) for chipsets Series 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen 05/07/24
NC NC Version 9.0.11701.44281 Version 9.0.11701.44281

Intel Xe UHD Graphics Drivers for chipsets Series 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen 11/07/24
download download Download
NC NC Version WHQL Version WHQL
NC NC Version no WHQL Version no WHQL

Intel HID Event Filter Drivers for chipsets Series 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen 29/04/24
Download Download Download
NC NC Version Version

Intel I225, I226-V, LM, Killer E3100, ... Gigabyte Ethernet (2.5Gbe) Controllers Drivers 09/07/24
Download Download Download
Miscellaneous Version (29.2) Version (29.2) Version (29.2)

Realtek Universal Audio Driver (UAD) Drivers For Msi (ALC-4000 Serie) 13/05/24
Download Download Download
Version 0513 NC Version 6.3.9600.2379 Version 6.3.9600.2379

Intel Proset Wireless Wifi & Bluetooth Software Drivers For AX210/AX211 26/06/24
Download Download Download
NC NC Version Version

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