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  • Chipset: Intel Z270 7e génération (KabyLake) 
  • Socket: 1151
  • Audio: Realtek HDA ALC-1220 8 canaux audio
  • Sata (1): Intel Z270 Sata III
  • Wireless/Bluetooth:
  • Graphique: Intel HD Graphics 630
  • USB 3.x (1): Intel Z270 USB 3.0
  • Reseau (1): Intel I219V (1Gb)
  • Thunderbolt:
  • Lien constructeur: https://fr.msi.com/
Version Descriptif Date DL
1.6 - Improved USB compatibility.
- Update Intel Micro code for security vulnerabilities
1.5 -  Fix MSI Clutch GM60/GM70 mouse cursor jump in windows and BIOS when DPI set over 1000Mhz.
-  Update RST 15.9
-  Update Intel Micro code for security vulnerabilities
1.4 -  Fix Optane can not work properly.
-  Update micro code.
-  Update Intel ME for security vulnerabilities
1.1 -  Improved Intel 750 NVME compatibility.
-  Improved memory compatibility.
-  Enhanced M2 Genie function.
-  Improved M2 device compatibility.

Intel Chipset Device Software For Chipsets Series 200 (KabyLake) 7e gen 11/06/24
NC Version 10.1.19768.8554 Version 10.1.19768.8554 Version 10.1.19768.8554

Intel Xe UHD Graphics Drivers for Chipsets Series 200 (KabyLake) 7gen 01/06/24
download Download download
NC NC Version  Version

Intel Management Engine Interface Drivers & Firmwares For Chipsets Series 200 (KabyLake) 7gen 28/06/24
Download download Download
Version Version 2418.6.12.0 Version 2418.6.12.0 Version 2418.6.12.0

Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) Drivers For Chipsets Series 200 (KabyLake) 7gen 22/04/21
Download Download Download
NC Version Version Version

Realtek Generic drivers (HDA) or Manufacturer drivers (UAD) (For Msi ALC-1200, ALC897, ... ) 29/06/24
Download Download Download
NC NC Version 6.0.9694.1 (UAD) Version 6.0.9694.1 (UAD)
NC Version 6.0.9239.1 (HDA) Version 6.0.9239.1 (HDA) Version 6.0.9239.1 (HDA)

Intel I219-V & I219-LM, ... Gigabyte Ethernet (1Gbe) Controllers 09/07/24
Download Download Download
Miscellaneous Version 29.2 Version (29.2) Version (29.2)

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