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Realtek RTL9210 NVMe/USB 3.1 Controller firmware Version 1.25.18


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Realtek RTL9210B NVMe/USB 3.1 Controller firmware Version 1.25.18

Date du firmware: 041921

Procédure de mise a niveau


Release note NVMe:

Version v1.23.9.100520 2020.10.05
01.Add customized command.
02.Update Kinsea KS10 LED behavior.
03.Fix Fulllink macbook disk speed test issue.
Version v1.23.5.09320 2020.09.03
01.Support USB HID interface.
02.Improve the compatibility for RTL9210B.
03.Support RTL9210C_PD/RTL9210C_CG.
04.Improve the compatibility for cdrom feature.
05.Add Orico customized sleep RGB LED behavior.
06.Support security api.
07.Add Kinsea KS10 LED behavior.
08.Add IOmaster M204 LED behavior.
09.Add LED SSI_6431_fp LED behavior.
10.Improve opal compatibility.


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01 Jan 2022
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