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Realtek Camera Drivers Version 10.0.22000.20274


Full screenshots disabled

Drivers & Version:

Asus PC Camera 03/02/2023,10.0.22000.20274

Fujitsu Camera 03/02/2023,10.0.22000.20274

HP Universal Camera 03/02/2023,10.0.22000.20274

HP IR Camera 03/02/2023,10.0.22000.20274

Toshiba Realtek FA Camera 03/02/2023,10.0.22000.20274

Dell PC Camera 03/02/2023,10.0.22000.20274

Huawei PC Camera 03/02/2023,10.0.22000.20274

Lenovo Integrated Camera 03/02/2023,10.0.22000.20274

Nec PC Camera 03/02/2023,10.0.22000.20274

Panasonic PC Camera 03/02/2023,10.0.22000.20274

Samsung PC Camera 03/02/2023,10.0.22000.20274

Operating Systems:
Windows 11 64bit
Windows 10 64bit

Support Languages
Arabic, Arabic Lebanon, Arabic Saudi Arabia
Basque, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Catalan
Chinese-Traditional-HK, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional-TW
Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch
English, English-Euro, Estonian, Finnish
French, French/Canadian, German, Greek
Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian
Japanese, Korean, Latvian
Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese
Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian
Spanish, Swedish, Thai
Turkish, Ukrainian 

Change Histroy
1. Fix IR camera can't preview issue
2. Add some customized settings

1. Support AMD sensor IQ
2. Add some customized settings

1. Add some customized settings
2. Rollback to SW MJWPG decoder when HW decode fail
3. Update ECC function
4. Update privacy icon

1. Add work around for HLK fail without enough memory
2. Add some customized settings
3, Modify sample buffer

1. Fix recording/pause error issue
2. Fix green barbage issue in barcode mode
3. Add some customized settings

1. Add some cusetomized settings
2. Update LC2.0 function
3. Fix black image issue without exposre control

1. Fix some privacy issue
2. Fix latency issue
3. Update LC2.0
4. Add some customized settings

1. Fix some privacy issue for old FW supporting MSFT privacy
2. Support SkinBT saved feature
3. Fix some ECC saved issue
4. Fix some privacy 
5. Update LC function
6. Add some customized settings

1. Fix TSP function doesn't work issue
2. Support LC 2.0 function
3. Add some custimzed settings

Submitted By:
Fdrsoft (admin)
Submitted On:
09 May 2023
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