intel I225 Serie Lan Controllers Firmware Version 1.68


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Nouveaux firmwares NVM pour les chipsets I225-V, I225-LM, I225-IT

CODE IDs: 0D9F, 15F2, 15F3 (1Mo & 2Mo)

Source: Gigabyte
Release note:
Version 1.68: • Increment security revision variable in CSS header • Upgrade PHY FW to 4C08-8754 • Fix LM HW sku value in MAC FW ?
Version 1.57: • Release NVM LMvP (device ID: 5502) for vPro dock • Note: LMvP will be using silicon I225-LM • Release NVM I225-IT (device ID: 0D9F) for extended temperature sku ?
Version 1.57: • Bug fix for multiple issues (Wake on LAN, PHY FW and etc.) ?
Version 1.53: • Update NVM to support B3 step ?
Version 1.45: • Update PHY FW version to 0x0740 that is continuing to improve link interoperability • Update MAC FW to support downshift link speed at 100Mbps while system is in Sx state

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Station-Drivers ne pourrait être responsable en cas de problèmes après la mise à jour du firmware !

Station-Drivers could not be responsible for any issues after firmware update !

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Fdrsoft (admin)
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06 Apr 2022
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